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Matty’s Musings #7 – Ryan K Lindsay

Matty’s Musings #7 – Ryan K LindsayApparently I need to interview more people that aren’t named Matt. So says the post-it notes on my Melbourne Comics desk. So instead I’ve gone for Ryan K Lindsay, who is from my hometown Frankston but unlike me, somehow managed to slip past the guards and escape. On top of being a loving husband and father,... Read More »

Press Play to Start for Frank Candiloro’s Insert Coin

Press Play to Start for Frank Candiloro’s Insert CoinBack in 2013, the husband Craig and I tabled at our first comic market. We are all enthusiasm and no books, with just two posters and some fliers to talk to our potential audience about a book we hadn’t even created yet. While I fussed over the 50 different ways we could present our two... Read More »

Tango With Orangos Part Two – The road to Indiegogo

Tango With Orangos Part Two – The road to IndiegogoIt started with an email a few months ago. An email to close friends across the globe asking for their time and effort to contribute to a good cause – Raising funds, and creating awareness of the plight of the Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra. Two months later, we have almost 50 creators across 4 continents working... Read More »

Matty’s Musings #6 – Matt Emery

Matty’s Musings #6 – Matt EmeryHello everyone, Welcome to Matty’s Musings where I interview people called Matt that work in comics. One expat NZ Matt is none other than the excellent Mr Matt Emery. What? Yeah, I know they are others not named Matt. Look back, I’ve interviewed other non Matt’s. I don’t dislike non Matt’s, I just like Matt’s.... Read More »

Melbourne Comics Quarterly: Two Ballyhoo!

Melbourne Comics Quarterly: Two Ballyhoo!It’s been a whirlwind start to 2015 for Melbourne Comics, and with only 2 days to go until the release of our second book this year, I wanted to do a quick feature of the book’s intent, content and its prospects for the future. What’s it about? In today’s market with local and international books... Read More »

All Star Women’s Comic Book Club

All Star Women’s Comic Book ClubThe All Star Women’s Comic Book Club started in August 2014, a few weeks after All Star Comics Melbourne was awarded with the Spirit of Eisner award for best Comic Shop on the planet. The initiative led by Cazz Jennings, Soph Parsons Cope and Naja Later again proves All Star’s relentless pursuit of community engagement.... Read More »

Matty’s Musings #5 – Matt Kyme

Matty’s Musings #5 – Matt KymeDear diary, I just woke up from  the most amazing dream, Neville was there and braiding my luscious long locks. Then he….. Oo wrong place. Sorry everyone. Ummm, hi. *nervous giggle* Moving right along I’d like to introduce the next musing, Mr Matty Kyme! Matty is a hard working Melbourne artist and writer. He’s produced... Read More »

FanBoy vs. ArtBoy exhibition – DC vs. Marvel @ Artboy Gallery

FanBoy vs. ArtBoy exhibition – DC vs. Marvel @ Artboy GalleryOn Friday night I snuck off early from my day job (told the boss it was ‘VICB’ (Very Important Comic Business) to head into Prahran for the opening night of the FanBoy vs. Artboy: DC Vs. Marvel exhibition @ Artboy Gallery in Prahran. We have been visiting ArtBoy Gallery since it opened many years ago... Read More »

Carmen Issue 2 – Kickstarted

Carmen Issue 2 – KickstartedAbout 16 months ago, I met a strapping young lad. He was annoyingly filled with energy and blind optimism about anything comics; local and international. He saw opportunities in books and stories I had given up on, and couldn’t wait to add his 2 cents about how the industry can become a better place. To add... Read More »

Tango with Orangos: A comic with a cause

Tango with Orangos: A comic with a cause  This is not about comics. ( Our Facebook page: ) At the start of each year the average person set themselves goals. Personal enrichment, development and career orientated goals hoping to take another step in the right direction. Some of us, set goals to help those around us, family, friends, the less fortunate and animals. All... Read More »