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David Goei’s “A Dream” Graphic Poem brings a fresh face to the market

David Goei’s “A Dream” Graphic Poem brings a fresh face to the marketDavid Goei might not live in Melbourne RIGHT NOW, but his heart does. This is made evident by the fact that we’ve even arranged a successful #Goeifest in the past, as an excuse for the local creator community to hang out with him (and make him drunk) His support for local creators and their projects... Read More »

Mission Possible – A feature on Matt Kyme

Mission Possible – A feature on Matt KymeIt’s close on a year since our last visit to Matt Kyme’s estate in the Hamptons, and with the season changing, we thought we’d pack our beach balls, sunblock and skies for good measure and pay him a visit to see how life is treating him. It’s been a busy year for Mr Kyme, what... Read More »

Matty’s Musings #9 – Dale Maccanti

Matty’s Musings #9 – Dale MaccantiMelbourne Comics. You can’t get more Melbourne than my next victim Dale Maccanti. Literally. He lives in Melbourne. In the CBD. I caught up with him at his abode. A little cardboard box inside an arcade entrance off Collins street. He tells me he’s living some kind of Basquiat inspired lifestyle, I call it saving... Read More »

Tango with Orangos – Campaign Update

Tango with Orangos – Campaign UpdateWhoah! With a bump on the tarmac, the Melbourne Comics team have arrived home from San Diego Comic Con. We might have lost some luggage on the way and suspect Nev smuggled a beer too many via customs but all’s well that ends well. Now that we’ve had some time to recuperate, here are some updates:... Read More »

Peek-A-Boo! We Visit Melbourne Zoo

Peek-A-Boo! We Visit Melbourne ZooWe recently sent out a big extended an open invitation to all artists across the globe to contribute to our cause, but we certainly didn’t expect the Orangutans themselves to get involved! Last week we received a letter from Maimunah, a 29 year old Sumatran orangutan who resides at Melbourne Zoo. Who were we to say no?... Read More »

Matty’s Musings #8 – Patrick Scattergood

Matty’s Musings #8 – Patrick ScattergoodAs you may have already figured out I’m not one for following rules. I know this because of the constant emails and post it notes on my desk. The website is called Melbourne Comics and not only do I interview non-Melbournians my next musings is not even about an Australian. Patrick started off reading comics... Read More »

Announcement: Tango With Orangos – Contributor Lineup for Book 2!

Announcement: Tango With Orangos – Contributor Lineup for Book 2!Hot on the tail of the book one lineup announcement, we’re proud to present to you the line-up for book two! This is the larger of the two books, with a meaty 60+ page count and a kickass front cover by Simon Wright. We cant thank all of our contributors enough for the passion and energy each... Read More »

Darren Close’s Making Comics – Part 2

Darren Close’s Making Comics – Part 2THE THIRD DEGREE This one is the tale of two eras, starting with my University years and then the start of the new millennium. 1995 When I tell this story, I usually pretend that the creation of a mutant kangaroo vigilante and his possum sidekick involved smoking a lot of weed. After all, that’s what... Read More »

‘SHOCK and AWE’ by Katie Houghton-Ward – An Exhibition

‘SHOCK and AWE’ by Katie Houghton-Ward – An ExhibitionKatie Houghton-Ward is a Melbourne based creator with a very impressive resume. For those unfamiliar with her repertoire (where have you been?), Katie’s comic work has been published internationally in publications such as Heavy Metal, 2000 AD and 3D World. We caught up with Katie to discuss her upcoming solo exhibition, ‘SHOCK and AWE’ which... Read More »

Tango With Orangos – Contributor lineup for Book 1

Tango With Orangos – Contributor lineup for Book 1  With our Indiegogo campaign underway, we’re in the process of putting together the two books, and can’t help but be blown away by the amazing talent of the work received, and knowing that hours of effort and dedication went into providing us with the beautiful content. The stories, the art, absolutely everything about the... Read More »